“Working with Arielle Nakdimon has been an extraordinarily rewarding experience. Our collaboration on PJ Library and ADL resources initiatives have been significantly enriched by her expertise and commitment. Arielle has a knack for understanding organizational needs and putting plans into action. She is always professional, articulate, and insightful, making her a reliable partner rather than just a consultant.

Arielle has played a vital role in amplifying our project impacts. If you’re an organization looking to elevate your reach and effectiveness, I highly recommend Arielle’s services.”

  • Natanya Miller, Director of Educational Initiatives, Charleston Jewish Federation

“It’s my pleasure to recommend Arielle Nakdimon. I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with Arielle on numerous projects and across multiple organizations. Arielle brings a combination of leadership, insight, and a hands-on approach that ensures projects aren’t just completed, but are accomplished with excellence and efficiency. When I need a task executed effectively, Arielle is my go-to professional. I’m confident in her abilities and highly endorse her services to anyone in need of strong leadership and expertise.”

  • Ana Sazonov, Chief Development Officer and Former Executive Director of Columbia Jewish Federation

“Arielle has been an active contributor to the Greenville Jewish Federation from 2020 – 2023. During that time, Greenville Jewish Federation’s exposure and contribution to the Greenville community was elevated to a new level of awareness. Arielle applied for specific grants that enabled us to receive funds that aligned with our goals and objectives. In short, we were able to engage and help people.

Under her leadership, she undertook The Butterfly Project, a memorial to the children who perished during the Holocaust. This enormous project speaks to the magnitude, scale, and concern that Arielle and her dedication bring to an organization.

All programs that Arielle introduced and encouraged stewardship from the Greenville Jewish Federation have flourished and expanded.

As a long-standing GJF Board member, I have seen Arielle act professionally, with care and commitment. She has excellent people skills. She’s a listener and a team builder. She’s determined to reach the objectives set before her and accepts the challenges and responsibilities that come with it. She’s a leader. “

  • Marlene F. Hutcher, Member at Large, Greenville Jewish Federation

“Arielle is organized, thoughtful, and considerate. She always gave me ample lead time when submitting design requests, which I appreciated since I work full time during the day. We’ve established a great working relationship over the past few years. Even having collaborated exclusively via email, we nailed down a process to get work done efficiently and in a timely manner. I have tremendous respect for Arielle as a strong, intelligent female and all the work she does with Nakdimon Group.”

  • Amanda Wong, AWDesign

“I had the pleasure of working with Arielle for several months to bring the film, Beloved Children of the Holocaust, to the Peace Center in Greenville, SC for Kristallnacht in 2022. The event was a great success, due in large part to her diligent efforts. Her commitment and follow up are second to none!”

  • Mary Burkett, Beloved Educational Foundation

“Arielle has brought a small independent Federation to the National stage. Her leadership and knowledge catapulted our community. She has expanded our programming with grant writing and community outreach for support.  I am so proud of her accomplishments in the time we have worked together. She has taught me so much, as a lay leader, for our community. Her work and direction have been invaluable.”

  • Amy Hammer, Immediate Past President, Greenville Jewish Federation

“An outstanding and captivating facilitator, Arielle knows how to command a room. She has an incredible ability to guide a group and foster an inclusive environment where people are comfortable sharing their thoughts. I am fortunate to have hired her as an ADL facilitator and to have the pleasure of facilitating alongside her.

I am particularly impressed with how she interacted with one of our toughest audiences – 8th-grade students. But she seamlessly and effortlessly managed to engage the students with her vibrant energy and leverage her active listening skills to create trust and encourage participation.

Arielle is a great collaborator, and her commitment to social justice aligns well with her advocacy work and impeccable skill in facilitating difficult conversations. Her talents and skills are a rare find. If you’re considering working with Arielle as an employee, colleague, client, or customer, I highly recommend her without pause.”

  • Nichole Murray, M.Ed., Ph.D., Southeast Education Director, Anti-Defamation League

Arielle Nakdimon brought an amazing Holocaust Education opportunity to the Asheville JCC. When the event took an unexpected and unpleasant turn, Arielle’s intervention and professionalism resolved the difficulties.  Thanks to Arielle’s skill, wisdom, and diplomacy, the program was saved, and the participants were none the wiser. I give her my highest endorsement and recommendation.  Every organization who works with her will be in the best possible hands.

  • Geri Garfinkel-Gershon,
    Jewish Lifelong Engagement Director,

    Asheville Jewish Community Center

As a contracted photographer, I especially enjoyed working with Arielle. She was well-informed about the project, had a clear vision in mind, and then – within appropriate guardrails – let me operate as a professional.

That is a rare combination. Typically people either offer zero guidance or they try to micromanage every shot. This was not the case with Arielle. She gave me all the guidance I needed and then let me perform in a way that would get her and her client the content they wanted. It was great!
Arielle’s communication before, during and after the events I was photographing was perfect. She was readily available and easy to reach.
I think Arielle did an excellent job of orchestrating a vision, assembling the team to do the work, and then creating a compelling narrative around what her client offers.
  • Brian Knox, Founder, B.Knox Photography