About Me

Embrace Opportunity with Expertise: Amplify Your Impact with Nakdimon Group

As an accomplished expert in fundraising, business development, strategic planning, digital strategy, and crafting multi-layered engagement plans, Arielle leads Nakdimon Group with a unique blend of innovation and insight. Working with organizations of all sizes, she tailors her approach to each client’s unique needs, delivering exceptional results and meaningful societal impact.

Prior to founding Nakdimon Group, Arielle leveraged her innovative marketing talents and deep understanding of nonprofit financial resource development to craft ethical and knowledge-driven campaign strategies. Her inspiration to establish her own consulting group arose from recognizing the vital role of transparency and robust leadership in propelling organizations towards success. Known for her dynamic approach, Arielle’s ability to discern the big picture, even in complex scenarios, sets her apart in the industry.

Arielle’s passion is multifaceted – she thrives on concurrently engaging with multiple causes to drive positive change in society. Today, Nakdimon Group collaborates with various nonprofits, brands, and service providers, offering full-service solutions that interweave cutting-edge technology and a personalized touch to ensure fundraising success.

We at Nakdimon Group are keen to explore how our expertise can complement and amplify your organization’s mission and impact. We believe that together, we can create a narrative that not only resonates but also instigates change. Contact us today to discuss potential collaboration opportunities and let us amplify your voice for a greater impact.